6 Top Training Secrets of Elite & Professional Athletes

Most elite and professional athletes have a special training or general fitness secret. They try and keep these secrets hush-hush. This gives them a competitive advantage over their competition. KILOGEAR CUT is one of their secrets. Yep, that's right. We cannot name the athletes that train in our gear. We sign non-disclosure agreements with them. We have athletes every sport. They train in our gear because they believe that KILOGEAR CUT is their secret weapon. Here are some of their best kept secrets so you can take your training to the next level.
KILLOGEAR CUT Increases Stamina and Endurance:
The world's top athletes on the field, the court, the track, in the pool or scaling mountains, wear our gear. They use it to enhance their conditioning. Wearing KILOGEAR CUT is comfortable. Our patent pending weight system resides on the extremities (arms and legs). There is zero biomechanic changes in the body. Athletes wear our gear during conditioning routines like running, jogging or doing sprints. Some of them wear the gear to get more out of the elliptical or stairmaster. Wearing our weighted gear makes everything harder. This makes the muscles and cardio system work harder. 100% of participants tested in our gear worked harder, without complaining. They also achieved a higher peak heart rate. That means when they actually compete, they'll be able to play stronger for longer.
KILOGEAR CUT Increases Your Strength:
Every athlete wants to get stronger. But, the best are functionally strong. Our weighted tops and bottoms increases a person's core strength. The core is the foundation of the running movement. A strong core is essential for speed, mobility and balance.. The muscles in your abs, lower back and glutes stabilize and balance your lower body. A weak core can prevent you from reaching your full potential.
KILOGEAR CUT helps athletes become functionally strong in their sport.
What does that even mean? By wearing our weighted tops and bottoms during an activity (playing basketball, volleyball, field hockey, track and field, golf, etc...) our weights add resistance to your sport specific movements. This extra resistance produces strength gains in that particular sporting movement. The key to being functionally strong is having the ability to produce to force during that exact sporting movement. Sprinting involves force production while muscles are lengthening and contracting quickly. At the same time, the muscles are producing peak force at short muscle lengths. One of the best ways to increase force production is to train in resistance. Sprinters can now wear weighted shorts and tights while sprinting, with zero biomechanic changes in the body. Sprinters can realize strength gains on the track, learning to produce additional force during their exact running movements.
Practicing in KILOGEAR CUT Makes Perfect:
Many of our athletes pick a movement commonly found in their competition and they focus on that movement during an entire month, working those movements 2-3 times a week. Repetition is key. Hi reps with low weights is the way to go and there are studies out there that support this. In a series of experiments at the Maastricht University Medical Centre in the Netherlands, scientists determined what had the greatest effect on developing your muscular system. More repetitions with lighter weights build muscle. For example, a quaterback runs through drills and practices to develop muscle memory in his specific position. The only way to develop muscle memory is to train repeatedly and engage the behavioral skills learning system in the brain. The muscles themselves do not have memory, it's the brain that stores the commands that engage the muscles. Each repetition or throw is an opportunity to increase muscle memory. The best quarterbacks train in game-situational training scenarios. This helps them get stronger in their position. If a QB adds KILOGEAR CUT to his training program, he will yield results faster.
Build Explosive Power with KILOGEAR CUT:
Most elite and award winning athletes have speed. That's why they are elite and award winning athletes! Speed is important, but, explosive power gets you on that podium. Explosive power is the ability to use strength quickly by applying the most force in the shortest amount of time. KILOGEAR CUT elite athletes credit wearing our weighted tops and bottoms during their plyometric training as a secret in helping them increase their explosive power. They've incorporated wearing our gear during sets of box jumps or clapping push-ups. Other athletes split their strength and speed sessions. For example, one of our professional athletes will devote an entire strength session to a single leg and then do the other leg on another day. When they are outside the gym, they work on using that strength as fast as they can by running up and down stadium stairs or stairs in their condo complex.
They Use KILOGEAR CUT to Train in all Three Planes of Motion:
A majority of athletes focus on training in a linear fashion. That means their exercises are performed in a linear plane (going forward or backward). Elite athletes do things a little different. They do cross-planar training, preparing the body for all different kind of scenarios. Basketball players incorporate cross-planar training so they can be strong in fending off defenders. They must be able to rotate quickly and easily. That strengthens their game. Multi-planar workouts get your body moving in all three plane of motions. These workouts challenge your balance strength, endurance and coordination. One of our elite athletes sets aside 14 minutes per day, where they bust out a series of exercises. Each exercise targets all three planes of motion, just like they do in real life and in their sport. They shared with us a sample set:
Step #1 - Put on your weighted KILOGEAR Top and Bottoms
Step #2 - Set the timer for 10 minutes
Step #3 - (1st exercise) Squat with a side crunch. Do three on one left side and then three on the right side.
Step #4 - (2nd exercise) 3 Sets of 10 pushups with a cross body mountain climber (bringing the knee to the opposite elbow).
Step #5 - (3rd exercise) A series of lunges with your arms in the air, finishing with a chop. First raise your arms, then, do a front lunge, then side lunge, and then back lunge. While in the back lunge, lower your arms into a side chop. Do, three of those in a row for the left leg, then switch legs.
Step #6 - Rest for 1 minute
Step #7 - Set the timer for 3 minutes
Step #8 - Do 20 seconds a rotational high plank (get in a plank and rotate from side to side for 20 seconds)
Step #9 - Rest 10 seconds
Step #10 - Do 20 seconds of Squat Jumping Jacks
They wear KILOGEAR CUT as Much as Possible:
The elite, professional and gold medal athletes that train in our gear do more than just train in it, they live in it. There is no rule on how much or how little you need should wear KILOGEAR CUT. They train in the gear, but they also wear the gear outside the gym or off the field of play. They call this all-day-hypergravity training. Studies have shown that wearing resistance weight throughout the day increases agility and a person's metabolism. In another study, participants saw a decrease in waist circumference and waist-hip ratio. By wearing our weighted tops and bottoms on the job, running errands, or even walking your dog, you can increase muscle activation doing every day activities, as well as utilize more energy, helping to burn more calories and even sleep better at night!