Boy's Performance Weighted Short Sleeve Top

Sale price$69.00
Size (Age Based): 8Y
Color: Black

Add your weights below. This product can holds up to 6 weights

Experience a transformative workout with our Boy's Performance Weighted Short Sleeve top, a premium choice in youth athletic wear. Designed to snugly fit the upper body, this weighted clothing for kids integrates our innovative bicep weight system, engaging often overlooked muscle groups in young athletes. By strategically placing weights, we target the shoulders, arms, upper back, and core, ensuring a comprehensive upper body workout for boys.

Steady Weight System: Our Steady weights, each weighing 1/4 LB, are compact, measuring approximately 2x4 inches. They're designed for easy insertion and removal, ensuring a hassle-free experience. Plus, they're compatible with all Kilogeare tops.

Weight Kit Options:

  • No Weights: Ideal for those who already have a set.
  • (1) Pack of 2 Steady Weights: Beginner-friendly, adding 1/4 LB total per arm.
  • (2) Pack of 2 Steady Weights: Intermediate level, adding 1/2 LB total per arm.
  • (3) Pack of 2 Steady Weights: Advanced training, offering just under 1 pound per arm.

Key Features:

  • UV Protection: Crafted with a proprietary blend of Polyester and Spandex, our top offers both UVA and UVB protection, making it a top choice in UV protection clothing for boys.
  • Tight Compression: The spandex blend ensures a tight compression fit, keeping the weights stable and in place during rigorous activities.
  • Versatile Design: Whether you're into sports or just looking for an all-day wear top, its design caters to all needs.
  • Weight Capacity: Each arm can carry up to 3 Steady weights, allowing for customizable resistance.

    Strengthening the upper body is pivotal for a holistic athletic performance. With our weighted top, you're not just wearing a piece of boys' sports gear; you're wearing a commitment to excellence.