KILOGEAR HIIT Weighted Leg Bands


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Sold in Pairs (sets of two).

Our HIIT Weighted Leg Bands are perfect for your dynamic HIIT classes. Pair them with our weighted shorts and you'll really get your sweat on!

Like all of our weighted gear, they are sold "empty".  We do this, so you can add the weights configuration that works for you. We always recommend that you start half loaded and add weights as you train. 

Each HIIT Weighted Leg Band has three built-in weight pockets. This allows you to load the weights on the outside of your calf, inside or backside, based on whatever activity you are performing.

Our HIIT Weighted Leg Bands utilize our Strong weight system.  Each Strong weight weighs 1/2 pound.  


All HIIT Weighted Leg Band Measures 7.5" long. Width measurements:

  • SMALL: 4 1/4" wide or (9" opening overall)
  • Medium:  5" wide or (10 1/4" opening overall)
  • Large:  5 1/2" wide or (11 1/4" opening overall)

For larger sizes, please email


  • Built-In Gripper to prevent slippage
  • Breathable and Moisture Wicking Fabric
  • 3 Weight Pockets
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