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Women's Perfect Balance Weighted Short SleeveWomen's Perfect Balance Weighted Short Sleeve
Women's Weighted Long Sleeve Power ShrugWomen's Weighted Long Sleeve Power Shrug
close up  front image of the skort, showing the high waist and black front flapUp close image of woman lifting the skort to show the weighted shorts under the skort
Sale price$80.00
up close image woman wearing a black sun visor and black long sleeve halter top with royal blue skort, leaning against a wall with the skirt flaring up with the windImage showing royal bluee skort with the skirt prat lifted up showing the external weight pocket on the quad with a weight loaded in the pocket
Women's Weighted BraWomen's Weighted Bra
Sale price$65.00
Women's Weighted Pleated SkortWomen's Weighted Pleated Skort
Women's Weighted Short Sleeve Power ShrugWomen's Weighted Short Sleeve Power Shrug