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Women's Butter Soft  Weighted Leggings
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Women's Weighted Long Sleeve Power ShrugWomen's Weighted Long Sleeve Power Shrug
Image showing long sleeve zippy with arm weights in the arm  pockets on the biceps and forearms. Long sleeve has a zipper that runs from the center collar down to the center off the sloped finished edge of the top. Side view of woman wearing the long sleeve zip up top, showing arm weights on the left arm.
front facing image showing a woman wearing a scoop neck, longer weighted white short sleeves with arm weights in the built in weight pockets on the biceps. The top has a sloped edge. She is wearing the black weighted legging with weights on her side quads and side calves.Side view woman wearing the relaxed fit weighted short sleeve. Top is all white in the front with  a scoop neck. The back has white at  the top and black mesh halfway down the back. Weights are in the bicep arm pockets. She is wearing the black booty lift legging with the white stripe down the side of the leg.