When Your Workout Clothes Do The Work For You.

By Caitlin Madden:
I know, I know, wearing weights sounds a tad intimidating.

But after almost a year of working out at home, I’ve hit a(n almost literal) wall. Every day it’s the same weights, the same few Youtube videos, the same set-up. I’ve been in dire need of something to get me excited about working out again.

The concept behind it drew me in immediately: an outfit-- complete with removable weights-- that makes your workout more effective just by wearing it.

I decided to give my Kilogear a go on Sunday, a day normally dedicated to running errands and taking it easy. The outfit-- so cute, by the way-- consists of a long-sleeve crop and matching leggings. After slipping the weighted bars into the interior pockets on my biceps and calves, I went about my day.
At just 0.5 pounds per leg and 0.25 pounds per arm, they add a steady, consistent weight that you can still easily move with, strategically placed to activate your muscles. Basically, they turn even the smallest movement (like reaching into the cabinet for a snack!) into a mini-workout. The goal is to raise the body’s metabolic rate, burning more calories naturally while shaping and toning, just by having them on.

(Side note: I would have totally picked this top and leggings out even sans weights. I love the mesh detailing in the arms, the color-blocking is sporty and flattering, and the leggings are the perfect level of compression.)

The more I moved, the more I noticed my muscles flexing on their own-- every time I lifted my arms or took a step. My biceps and calves were activating without me even thinking about it. So I was definitely curious how these weights would add to my workout routine.
I decided on a quick 30-minute full-body HIIT workout that I’ve done before. To be honest, I didn’t expect to feel much of a difference since the wearable weights weren’t too heavy.

But, surprise, I was wrong! Though the weight change wasn’t terribly obvious, what I did realize was my muscle involvement. When doing bicep curls and squats, I usually have to focus on my mind-to-muscle connection, to ensure I’m activating the muscles the exercise is targeting. But, as a result of where the Kilogear weights are placed, that activation happened on its own. The weights on your calves help to engage your glutes, making that squeeze at the top of your squats spontaneous; and the flex of your biceps and deltoids during arm exercises contracts even with the smallest movement.

Post-workout, my endorphins were running high. I was feeling reinvigorated after months of looking at working out as a chore. Once I was done I decided to slip the weighted bars from their pockets to see if I noticed a difference. Let’s just say: my arms and legs were floating. The next day proved it-- my muscles were sore, especially in my legs and biceps, right where the weighted bars sat.

It almost sounds silly that the sum of 1.5 pounds felt like such a big change, but sometimes even the smallest tweak in your routine can completely change your mindset. Even if it’s not wearing weighted workout clothes, and it’s just adding 10 minutes onto your usual walk, trying a different type of workout, or using weights for the first time-- the simple act of *making* a change might be all you need to get a little spring in your step that keeps you working toward your goals.

The Kilogear reinvigorated my love of exercise for the first time in months, so much so that I can absolutely see myself wearing it again and again, whether I’m typing at my computer, running errands, or working out. It was really fun to make every part of my day a sort-of workout, without a ton of effort, while reaping the greatest benefits from my for-real routine.

As the old saying goes, it’s the little things that matter most. Even if they’re nestled in your workout gear.