How Weighted Clothing Works: Q & A with Dr. Brown

KILOGEAR CUT is designed with doctors, professional athletes, and master fitness trainers. Dr. William Brown has been with KILOGEAR CUT from the very beginning. Not only is he a doctor, but he's also a former athlete. I sat down with him with a list of questions provided by our customers. Feel free to post any questions you might have!

Megan:  As a Doctor of Physical Therapy, what frustrates you the most when it comes to people and their expectations of losing weight and getting into shape?

Dr. Brown:  That people put a lot of money and effort into becoming healthier and end up in worse shape than they started. This is often the result when people try fad diets or extreme exercise programs because they aren’t sustainable.

Megan:  What are the biggest mistakes people make?

Dr. Brown:  When people lose weight, they are losing a combination of fat, water and muscle. When a person loses weight too quickly a higher percentage of the weight lost is lean muscle. People don’t realize that they are wrecking their metabolism. The loss in muscle mass leads to a slower metabolism, which means that their body will naturally burn less calories throughout the day. This combined with the hunger inducing hormones that our body releases in response to weight loss, results in a person who wants to eat more but is burning less calories. It’s an unsustainable model and after they go back to their normal lifestyle they frequently gain more weight back than they lost in the first place.

Megan:  How does KILOGEAR CUT help with this?

Dr. Brown:  KILOGEAR CUT helps a person burn calories, lose fat and build muscle. KILOGEAR CUT will increase a person’s metabolism, allowing them to burn calories while they are wearing it. It also helps build lean muscle mass that will increase a person’s metabolism even when they aren’t wearing it.

Megan:  How does that work?

Dr. Brown:  KILOGEAR CUT increases the activation of key muscles that burn extra calories and helps shed fat while adding lean muscle mass. This combination of burning extra calories throughout the day and increasing a person’s natural metabolism by adding lean muscle mass provides a more sustainable model for success in an individual’s journey to improved health.

Megan:   What about wearing KILOGEAR CUT during a workout?

Dr. Brown:  KILOGEAR CUT has many benefits as a workout aid. The added resistance has limitless potential across a range of exercises and it is purposefully designed to not alter a person’s natural biomechanics during movement. Also, the compression fabric helps the athlete warmup faster by improving the blood flow to muscles. This allows you to be able to warmup faster and get more done in less time.

Megan:   Can everyone wear KILOEAR CUT?

Dr. Brown:  Yes, that is the beauty of KILOGEAR CUT. Everyone can wear it, from young athletes to older adults. There is an application for nearly everyone and every situation.

Megan:  Does wearing weight stunt your growth?

Dr. Brown: One of the biggest myths about wearing resistance weight is that it stunts your growth.  No studies have ever been shown that lifting weights or wearing resistance weights stunts or  inhibits growth.  

Megan:   What do you love about KILOGEAR CUT?

Dr. Brown:  That it works and that it’s comfortable. The ability to be able to get the benefits from wearing it while forgetting that it’s there is my favorite part of KILOGEAR. With other products, you typically have to compromise. Not with KILOGEAR CUT. You get both.