Women's OG Weighted Legging

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Size: S
Color: BLACK

Add your weights below. This product can holds up to 8 weights

Elevate your everyday activities with our "OG" Original Weighted Leggings, meticulously designed for the dynamic woman. These leggings are more than just a workout garment; they are a lifestyle choice, seamlessly blending into your daily routine, whether you're at work, on a stroll, or managing family life.

Our "OG" Original Weighted Leggings – the ultimate game-changer for women who seek to transform their daily routines into opportunities for fitness. Crafted for all-day comfort and effortless style, these leggings are your secret weapon to turning life's ordinary moments into calorie-burning, muscle-toning sessions. With our innovative KILOGEAR weights discreetly integrated, every movement becomes a step towards your fitness goals, without setting foot in a gym.

Weight System Used - Steady Weight System:

Our unique Steady Weight System features compact weights, each weighing precisely 1/4 LB. Measuring a mere 2x4 inches, these weights are crafted for effortless insertion and removal, promising a user-friendly experience. 

Weight Kit Options:

  • No Weights: Perfect for those already equipped with a set.
  • (1) Pack of 2 Steady Weights: A beginner's choice, adding a subtle 1/4 LB total per leg.
  • (2) Pack of 2 Steady Weights: Wear 1/2 LB total per leg.
  • (4) Pack of 2 Steady Weights: Wear 1 LB per leg.


  • Relaxed Compression: Offers a snug fit without restricting movement.
  • Buttery Soft Fabric: Ensures luxurious comfort all day long.
  • Four-Way Stretch: Provides a flattering shape and flexibility.
  • Max-Dry Moisture Management: Keeps you cool and dry during any activity.
  • Versatile Design: Ideal for work, home, errands, or leisurely walks.
  • Strategic Weight Placement: Weights are angled along the legs for optimal muscle engagement.
  • Customizable Resistance: Each leg can carry up to 1 pound, with adjustable weight options.
  • Premium Material: A blend of Nylon and Spandex for durability and stretch.

Whether you're powering through a busy day or enjoying a relaxed evening, our "OG" Original Weighted Leggings are your companion in redefining fitness. They are not just leggings; they are a commitment to a healthier, more active lifestyle. Embrace the comfort, enjoy the style, and celebrate the transformation with every step you take.