Pro Paisley Weighted Legging

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Size: XS

Add your weights below. This product can holds up to 4 weights


You've been craving that perfect fit for peak performance, and we've got you covered. The Pro Paisley Weighted Legging, crafted in our game-changing KiloKnit Performance fabric, is a standout for every softball player, especially pitchers. With a high-rise waistband that holds you in and engineered four-way stretch, you're all set to command the mound or take on any training session. Pair it with our weighted sports bra or weighted tank and arm bands, and you're ready to pitch your best game.
  • High-rise waistband 
  • Ultra comfortable
  • (2) Interior slip pockets for weights per leg
  • Utilizes our KILOGEAR Strong Weights (.50LB each)
  • Each leg has the capacity to carry 1 pound (1 weight per pocket) 
  • External Side Pocket for cell phone or extra weights

Weight System Explained: Our exclusive KILOGEAR Strong Weight System employs specially crafted Strong Weights. Each Strong Weight measures a compact 2x6 inches, weighing precisely .50 or 1/2 pound, ensuring optimal resistance without compromising comfort.

Weight Kit Options:

  • No Weights: Ideal for fitness enthusiasts already equipped with our signature Strong Weights.
  • 2 Strong Weights: Introduce a subtle resistance of 1/2 LB per leg, perfect for beginners or those looking for a light challenge.
  • 4 Strong Weights: Amp up your workout with a balanced 1 LB resistance per leg, maximizing muscle engagement and toning.

How To Use: 

Weight placement activatse the booty, making the glutes work harder and creating more tone and lift. This legging activates the core, hamstrings, and quads toning the waist and thighs. The product can be worn for any workout or again general day to day activities Recommended exercises- will activate the 3 main muscles in the glutes and the core.


Machine Wash Cold