KILOGEAR .25LB Steady Weights - Set of 2

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Introducing the Steady Weight System by KILOGEAR - a revolutionary gear system that's more than just apparel. It's a commitment to excellence, innovation, and the promise of delivering the best to our customers. Here's what makes our Steady Weights stand out:

Key Features:

  • Weight: Each Steady Weight is precisely 0.25LB, offering the perfect balance for resistance.
  • Placement: These weights are optimized for integration with KILOGEAR tops, ensuring a snug fit.
  • Material: Crafted from a blend of durable silicone and steel, these weights are built to last.
  • Design: Discreet and contoured perfectly to the body, they offer a seamless integration with the body's natural mechanics.

Why Choose KILOGEAR? KILOGEAR is not just another brand; it's a fitness revolution. Our unique, removable, waterproof, and incremental micro weights are a testament to our relentless pursuit of innovation. Designed for all-day comfort, they enhance every movement, making every step a stride towards enhanced fitness.

Benefits of KILOGEAR:

  • Amplified Muscle Activation: Without altering natural biomechanics, KILOGEAR boosts muscle engagement across the body.
  • Intensified Workouts: Our products are meticulously crafted to intensify workouts and elevate athletic performance.
  • All-Day Comfort: While we focus on performance, wearer comfort is never compromised.

Microloading Resistance Training: Kilogear is at the forefront of microloading resistance weight training. Our progressive and incremental microloads offer:

  • Adaptation and Growth: Subjecting the body to stress with KILOGEAR leads to adaptation. The body strengthens muscles, tendons, and ligaments involved, leading to increased muscle size and strength. This process, known as hypertrophy, is facilitated by the incremental increase in load, continually challenging the body and stimulating growth.

Elevate your fitness journey with KILOGEAR's Steady Weight System. It's not just gear; it's a promise of unparalleled performance, safety, and comfort. Join the revolution today!