California All Stars Lady's Performance Weighted Shorts

Sale price$97.00
Size: 8Y-XS
Color: Black

Add your weights below. This product can holds up to 4 weights

Our Rapid Performance shorts for girls are engineered to build muscle and endurance.  Many young athletes are unable to join gyms or afford trainers. Our built in weight system is a great way to add resistance weight training to any activity. These shorts have the capacity to load two KILOGEAR STRONG weights (up to 1/2 lb per leg). The increased compression, allows athletes to wear them in dynamic activities like running, dancing and jumping.  The added resistance from our KILOGEAR weights will help you get into shape with SPEED! The breathable fabric and built in moisture wicking makes the shorts a great tool for indoor and outdoor workouts. These shorts help build strength, so you can maximize your power and speed. 


  • Hi-Performance Compression = they will fit tight
  • Smooth and cool on the body = work hard comfortably
  • Hyper Cool
  • 4 Way Stretch = increase mobility
  • Elite Hydrophobic Wicking = sweat evaporates quickly
  • Strong Fabric = durable and resist piling
  • Custom Polyester & Spandex Blend
  • Great for performance athletes doing high impact activities and dynamic workouts.
  • Each leg has the capacity for carrying 2 KILOGEAR Strong weights that weigh .50 pounds each.