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Whether you are an athlete focused on elevating your game, or you’re interested in enhancing your daily workouts, KILOGEAR micro-weighted performance apparel seamlessly and safely integrates into your daily workouts and routine. 


Our micro-loaded weights are removable and easy to integrate into your exercise or lifestyle routine. While they may go unnoticed, they make a significant impact on your strength and endurance.


Our premium fabrics are not just breathable, they're exceptionally comfortable. They move, stretch, and bend as you do, ensuring that you can perform at your best, no matter the activity.


Whether you're engaging in endurance training, cardio, or any other exercise, our versatile Starter Kits can be comfortably worn during any activity. Every step you take will ignite that extra burn while building strength.


 KILOGEAR is the most advanced micro-weighted performance gear in the world. Until now, integrating strength training into your fitness routine and life was a challenge - KILOGEAR makes it effortless. Our doctor-designed weighted clothing uses micro-weights that can be added and removed easily, making every piece customizable to you and designed to maximize every movement during your workout routine or your daily life. Learn more