Why We Started KILOGEAR CUT - We Had To

When I was a little girl, I wanted to be President. I wanted to make the world a better place and I thought that was the job that would do it. Although I didn't become President of the US, I can say I achieved my dream, in a sense, I am President of my own company, KILOGEAR and in a way, I am helping make the world a better place by helping people become the best they can be, so the world can be a better place.

The journey to President of KILOGEAR was started out of necessity back in 2010. I was remarried, raising four children (two of my own) and my new baby! I was a former college athlete, so fitness and wellness was always part of my lifestyle. 

However, after losing my thyroid and having my son late in my 30's losing that baby weight was a real challenge. I really struggled to fit "fitness" into my life. Between my job, five kids, plus coaching sports teams and volunteering at the school, I didn't have the time or the energy to get to the gym. My husband, Trent, says you have to make the time. I just couldn't find it. For me to find "that time", I would have to rob it from something else. Should I take it from my job? Should I take it from my kids? Should I get up at 5am and take it from my sleep? I couldn't find a window. However, I had a hack. I knew the science behind adding weight to the body. I knew that if I applied resistance to the right body parts, I could get my heart rate up and burn calories that way. 

At first I started with just walking and jogging. I would record my results on a four mile run. The next time, I would load up and get the same results in two miles. Then, I started modifying my clothes and would wear my "gear" around the house and the school and I realized I could burn more calories in everything I do. Everyone has that "ah ha" moment and for me it was in Chicago. I was out running errands and a woman asked me what on earth I was wearing and more importantly, why. I told her. She said, "Honey, I think that is a great idea, but I wouldn't be caught dead wearing that." Instead of being insulted I replied, "Wait, but you would if it looked good?" She said, yeah, it obviously works on you." 

I raced home and told Trent. I remember running upstairs and turning my dining room into a war room. Researching everything about the science. We found doctors to validate the approach. I made all the weights from scratch, thanks to my food saver. The first few years were hard. The prototypes took forever to get right. Plus, we wanted to test the gear to make sure that it would work on everyone else. We hired third party testing groups to complete V02 tests. I went first. I wore the women's fully loaded long sleeve and leggings. My results were insane. I averaged over 40% increase in calorie burn and 70% while running. I cried. The rest of the participant tests were just as good. We even had an ultra marathoner complete the V02 testing. She had less than 10% body fat and was used to running. She even realized a 10% increase in both calorie burn and over 10% in increased peak heart rate. 

To this day, we continue to third party test and 100% of our participants burn more calories and 100% realize increased peak heart rate. I was told that we didn't have to continue doing testing, but we do. We want to show you that if you wear our gear, and you move, you are going to see results. 

KILOGEAR is not a gimmick. It works. It is a product that will help you be the best you, so you can be in a position to help make the world a better place. My childhood dream, to be President of the US didn't happen. However, my dream of making the world a better place is happening, one body at a time.