When Your Workout Clothes Do The Work For You.

When Your Workout Clothes Do The Work For You.

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athleteWill KGC bulk me up?

Will KGC Bulk Me Up?

A lot of women ask me if KILOGEAR CUT is going to "bulk me up". I hear this all the time, "Is this going to make me bigger? I don't want to look bigger." I laugh and tell them NO and I try to expla...

athleteThe Secret Behind Weight Loss

The Secret Behind Weight Loss: KILOGEAR CUT Weighted Clothing

The secret behind weight loss is no secret. It comes down to the number of calories "in" versus calories "out". The real secret for each person is knowing how many calories you need to burn to lose...

athleteHow KILOGEAR CUT Works

How KILOGEAR CUT And Weighted Clothing Works

The science behind KILOGEAR CUT is based on physics and the laws of gravity. KILOGEAR CUT has revolutionized resistance and strength training. Our patent pending weight system evenly distributes th...