KILOGEAR CUT Advanced Weighted Performance Gear is the ultimate training tool for Field Hockey players.
With a perfect evenly distributed weight system, KILOGEAR CUT will help athletes:

  • Activate and Strengthen Key Muscle Groups Specific to Field Hockey.
  • Increase Endurance and Peak Performance.
  • Improve Dynamic Agility and Power.
  • Play Stronger and Longer.

KILOGEAR CUT uses broader weights that are spaced over a larger surface area, held in place by compression. Weights are placed over the major muscle bellies to mimic the way the body naturally stores weight. This type of loading works with gravity, yielding the best results for all athletes as well as offers much more comfort for the wearer and reduces the stress placed on the joints.

"KILOGEAR CUT has helped me increase my endurance and explosiveness. I’ve never felt stronger and I’ve never been faster."

Gia Whalen, WC Eagles

KGC Fieldhockey

Increase Training Efficiency

KGC Fieldhockey

Increased Stamina and Endurance

KGC Fieldhockey

Improved Balance and Mobility

Features, Values and Benefits


  • Metabolic and Anabolic Results.
  • Functional Strength and Power.
  • Stability, Flexibility and Mobility.
  • Balance and Agility.
  • Increases muscle oxygenation.
  • Our proprietary fabrics improve body temperature management.
  • Explosive Speed.


  • Doctor Designed.
  • Evenly Distributed Weight System.
  • Activates Key Muscle Groups.
  • Comfortable & Safe.
  • Strengthens Under Developed Muscles.
  • Zero Biomechanic Changes in the Body.


  • Train Smarter.
  • Develop Enhanced Ball Control and Power.
  • Provide Stronger Passing and Shots.
  • Improve Footwork and Faster Lateral Movement.
  • Yield Stronger Drives and Tackling.
  • More Time for Instruction vs Conditioning.

KILOGEAR CUT activates muscle groups often neglected by field hockey players by activating isometric and isotonic resistance training.

KILOGEAR CUT for Fieldhockey

Stability, Flexibility and Mobility

KILOGEAR CUT improves balance, co-ordination and posture. Studies have shown that resistance training can improve balance as much as 40% and is an excellent way to help reduce the risk of injury. By activating the core’s muscular system to overcome the resistance on the arms and legs, KILOGEAR CUT increases the amount of energy created and stored. This activation and emphasis strengthens and develops all the core muscles, resulting in increased balance and co-ordination. That power is then transferred to the major muscles from the lower legs, upper legs, hips, trunk, shoulders, upper arms, forearms and finally to the hand, helping players develop the functional strength required to improve passing and hitting, receiving and blocking, footwork and cutting, off-ball movement, speed and endurance.

Speed and Agility

The multi-directional nature of field hockey (fast changes in direction, decelerating and accelerating sharply) requires speed and agility. KILOGEAR CUT develops leg strength in the quads, hamstrings and glutes, helping implement greater ball velocity by training the entire body to be in more control, stronger and faster. By training in KILOGEAR CUT field hockey players yield increase stamina and endurance, as well as increased peak heart rate.

KILOGEAR CUT certified program

KILOGEAR CUT offers a facility certification program, as well as individual trainer certification programs. These certifications are designed to create competency in rolling out our doctor designed weighted performance gear to your athletes, clients, and members. The various certifications will focus on the makeup of the gear, best practices and training protocols. Those certified will be able to add the KILOGEAR CUT wings to their profile, as a symbol of being certified to represent the brand. For more information, email us now!

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