How KILOGEAR CUT And Weighted Clothing Works

The science behind KILOGEAR CUT is based on physics and the laws of gravity. KILOGEAR CUT has revolutionized resistance and strength training. Our patent pending weight system evenly distributes the weights on the body's extremities such as the arms and the legs. 

The location of the weights work with gravity, requiring the body to work harder to move that additional load, burning even more energy (more calories). For example, when you wear the KILOGEAR CUT Weighted top or bottoms, the weights require more energy from the body to move. What took just a few calories, like opening a door, will take extra calories. The added weight on the arms or legs require the body work harder, sometimes without even knowing it. When this happens, they body has to use more energy to complete a task. To lose weight, the body has to burn calories and fat. Activities such as walking, jogging, yoga, cleaning, running errands, or even playing with your kids are activities where the body burns calories. 

By adding KILOGEAR CUT to those activities, the body is going to burn more calories by doing those activities. KILOGEAR CUT is a fantastic life hack that anyone can incorporate into their lifestyle. If a person wants to get more out of their workout, they can easily wear KILOGEAR CUT during their training. They'll warm up faster and achieve a higher peak heart rate. Since their body is working harder overall, they'll activate key muscle groups, boosting their metabolism, as well as firm and tone the body. 

The science behind resistance training is complex, but easy to understand. The KILOGEAR CUT weight system works with gravity, creating added resistance that the body has to overcome. This resistance causes microscopic tears to the muscle cells, which are quickly repaired by the body to help the muscles regenerate and grow stronger. 

To simplify things, the resistance training breaks down the muscle fibers and the body's natural biological process kickstart the re-growth of those muscle fibers, making them stronger than they were before. The benefits of resistance training is well documented, at any age, especially as the young and old. The Mayo Clinic, the nation's top ranked hospital, recommends that children incorporate resistance strength training as early as seven years old. 

KILOGEAR CUT allows children to turn their daily activities or sports into fitness moments. The benefits include increasing a child's muscle strength and endurance, protecting the child's muscles and joints from sports-related injuries, improving performance in nearly any sport from dancing, figure skating, to tennis, football and soccer. 

KILOGEAR CUT will help strength a child's bones, maintain a healthy weight and improve a child's confidence and self-esteem. For older adults, KILOGEAR CUT is a great anti-aging secret weapon. After the age of 30, humans lose 5 pounds of muscle every decade. 

KILOGEAR CUT Resistance training can slow down or even reverse the aging process by building muscle and strength. We also know that resistance training can help build bone, helping to impact Osteoporosis. Finally, we know that resistance training can raise a person's metabolic rate, an important factor in maintaining body weight. 

KILOGEAR CUT is designed to perform, so you can transform. Whether you wear KILOGEAR CUT all day or during an entire workout, you will realize a change. That change depends on how often you wear the gear, and what you do in your gear. The key is that you just have to move. We don't ask you to change your life, just your clothes. If you make modifications in your diet and increase your activities, you'll realize your goals faster.