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Women's Weighted Tactical Performance Leggings

Women's Weighted Tactical Performance Leggings

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Our Women's Weighted Tactical Performance Leggings  will help you be stronger, faster and increase your stamina and endurance, with every step. Each leg can carry the KILOGEAR Strong Weight System, providing an extra layer of protection against external forces. The compression is firm, so the weights fit snug against your body. However, our performance fabrics are woven just for us and have a proprietary 4-WAY Stretch element, so you can move dynamically. 

You need to add weights to your configuration. KILOGEAR tops and bottoms start off "empty". Why, you ask? Well, what if you want to purchase two shirts? Our weights are removable, so you only need one set of weights. OR, what if you already own the weights!  Once you own the weights, you can plug them into other garments! If you want to get more, we won't stop you. You need to add weights. See below weight configuration recommendations.


  • Uses the KILOGEAR Strong weights. Each leg can wear two .50LB Strong weights.
  • There is a cell phone pocket below the hip. Put your phone in there or another weight.
  • Minimal seams to reduce chafe.
  • 4-way stretch allows for fluid movements.
  • Durable, premium, sweat-wicking yarns make the fabric breathable and comfortable so you can wear under your shorts, pants or joggers.
  • UVA and UVB protective.
  • Weights are made from silicon and steel, providing a shield like experience when facing an opponent. 


  • 2 Pack Strong weights = 1 weights per leg

  • 4 Pack Strong weights = 2 weights per arm  

  • To wear more weight, purchase additional packs of two and double stack.


  • 83% Polyester and 17% Spandex
Care Instructions:
  • Remove weights to wash
  • Machine was in cold water with like colors. Do not, we repeat, do not use bleach or fabric softeners.
  • We recommend NOT tumbling dry, but to hang dry. We know most people don't have time for that, so if you must, tumble dry on low, BUT, do not use dryer sheets. 
  • Finally, do not iron.
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