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Men's Weighted Tactical Long Sleeve

Men's Weighted Tactical Long Sleeve

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The Men's Weighted Tactical Long Sleeve uses the KILOGEAR Steady weight system. Each arm has the capacity to hold (5) five .25LB Steady weights (three in the bicep region and two in the forearm region). Our complete  compression provides support for the entire upper body to improve posture and core activation. See recommended weight configurations below.

You need to add weights to your configuration. KILOGEAR tops and bottoms start off "empty". Why, you ask? Well, what if you want to purchase two shirts? Our weights are removable, so you only need one set of weights. OR, what if you already own the weights!  Once you own the weights, you can plug them into other garments! If you want to get more, we won't stop you. You need to add weights. See below weight configuration recommendations.


  • Built-in sweat-wicking breathable fabric that transports sweat away from the skin, to keep you dry and cool so you can perform in comfort.
  • Durable 4 Way Stretch to compliment complex movements.
  • Crewneck design.
  • Tailored edges.
  • Complete compression increases circulation for improved recovery and reduced muscle stiffness.

Fabric Composition:

  • 79% Recycled Polyester and 21% Spandex


  • (4) Pack of Steady weights = 2 weights per arm

  • (8) Pack of Steady weights = 4 per arm (1 pound per arm)

  • (10) Pack of Steady weights = 5 per arm (1.2 pound per arm)

  • To wear more weight, purchase additional packs of two and double stack.

Care Instructions: 

  • Remove weights to wash.
  • Machine wash in cold water with like colors. Do not, we repeat, do not use bleach or fabric softeners.
  • We recommend NOT tumbling dry, but to hang dry. We know most people don't have time for that, so if you must, tumble dry on low, BUT, do not use dryer sheets. 
  • Finally, do not iron. 



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