The Science Behind Weight Loss

Weight loss is a simple math equation: the more calories burned, than consumed, results in weight-loss. Although this is straight-forward and science backed, most people struggle with making this happen.

Popular diet plans result in yo-yo weight swings and unsustainable results and do not address the fundamental problem of helping the body become more efficient and effective in burning fat and utilizing calories. Despite poor results in the large majority of these programs, these plans continue to be successful based on hope. KILOGEAR substitutes hope with science.

During the weight loss process, a person loses a combination of fat, water and muscle. Unfortunately, with most diets, the majority of weight loss is from water loss, not fat. On top of that, the faster a person loses weight, the more muscle mass they lose. This loss in lean muscle leads to a slower metabolism, which means their body will naturally burn less calories than they had before, compounding the problem! In conjunction, most diet plans cause the body to release additional hunger inducing hormones. This combination of a person wanting to eat more and burning less, leads to weight gain. Often resulting in gaining more weight than was initially lost!

The Power of  KILOGEAR.

KILOGEAR increases a person’s ability to burn more calories by activating key muscle groups. Just wearing KILOGEAR throughout the day, allows a person to burn extra calories, all without changing their lifestyle! KILOGEAR stimulates the body’s metabolism to burn calories steadily, which results in a more sustainable level of fat loss. Wearing KILOGEAR for an extended time, allows a person to increase their lean muscle mass, boosting their natural metabolism. Every pound of muscle gained burns an extra 50 calories per day. KILOGEAR transforms bodies.